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Le L’Extase

Putting on show the full range of talent of our master blender in Segonzac, Le L’Extase is our V.S.O.P. in all her glory. Created with our CEO in mind, it couldn’t just be good…it had to be great.

Glass: Rocks Glass
Strength: Strong
Taste: Sweet
Colour: Golden Brown
Garnish: Apple


  • L’Extase – 25ml
  • Cointreau – 25ml
  • Lime Juice – 12.5ml
  • Simple Syrup – 12.5ml
  • Apple Juice – 25ml


  1. Fill Rocks Glass with ice
  2. Put a few cubes of ice into Shaker
  3. Pour all ingredients into Shaker and shake well
  4. Strain into the glass
  5. garnish with apple