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Like dancing the Bolero, here is a drink full of quiet intensity and a touch of flair. L’Extase V.S.O.P. and romance are a match made in heaven. Sit back, relax and let this tart but mellow drink chill you from the inside out.

Glass: Martini Glass / Coupe
Strength: Strong
Taste: Bitter
Colour: Orange
Garnish: Orange Twist [Smoke Bubble]


  • L’Extase – 25ml
  • Dark Rum – 25ml
  • Lime Juice – 25ml
  • Simple Syrup 15ml
  • Orange Juice – 30ml


  1. Chill Martini glass with ice
  2. Put a few cubes of ice into shaker
  3. Pour all ingredients into shaker and shake well
  4. Strain into the glass
  5. Garnish with Orange Twist
  6. Optional: Smoke Bubble