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Brandy Brunch

Wednesday June 2, 2021

As London slowly becomes navigable, what better way to reemerge to outside life than the launch of BRANDY BRUNCH.

On Sunday 30th May, the scene was set: the weather was phenomenal, the location was amazing and the people were dressed to impress!

BRANDY BRUNCH responded to the people’s requisites of providing an exquisite vibe, great music and amazing food.

Jako London was definitely the place to be with resident DJ’s Likkle Shaun and Vendetta accompanied by Lil’ Bit and Invasion Crew playing an array of music whilst guests enjoyed an exquisite 3-course-meal and a vibrant atmosphere.

An added bonus was the L’Extase team who were present and handing out complimentary shots which, needless to say, went down well with attendees.

Moreover were the delicious L’Extase cocktails available – with guests having the opportunity to sample a range of specially prepared cocktails using our finest L’Extase Cognac and other divine-tasting ingredients.

The nights memories were captured by Latoya Lovell and FrametasticFrames. Any attendees wanting pictures of their group please email [email protected] and a member of the team will happily have them sent over.

To all who came down, it was our pleasure helping you to enjoy your evening.

Again, our sincere apologies to those guests that turned up at Jako’s with no ticket and were denied entry.

(Due to COVID restrictions we were only able to provide limited tickets.)

On the bright side, BRANDY BRUNCH will be taking place again very soon so watch this space for tickets to avoid disappointment!!

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