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L’Extase VSOP collaborates with The Sound Bank at launch party of new creative space

Sunday July 11, 2021

Following a soft pre launch in May, L’Extase VSOP, the new cognac company around town hits the ground running, wasting no time in attempting to cement its brand, via a collaboration at The Sound Banks’ new and innovative 24 hour “creative urban hub.”

The Sound Bank is a joint venture between industry professionals with over 20 years of experience in the arts and media world.

Spearheaded by sound engineer mogul Mel Melody and making use of the historic ex Barclays building in South East london. The Sound Bank team have come together to create a state of the art space, a home for virtual concerts, live streaming and culturally relevant industry events. With innovative technology including a host of creative spaces such as recording studios, live streaming locations, photo studios, podcast studios, meeting rooms and visual productions studios, all designed to allow for artists to develop new and creative ways to express their artistic capabilities.

Recently holding an exclusive launch party to showcase the space and celebrate the opening, L’Extase VSOP cognac was one of the beverages of choice offered to attendees, who could be seen wandering inquisitively from room to room while enjoying delicious swigs of this strong yet smooth drink.

“I consider L’Extase to be a forward thinking brand so it was only right that we would want to be involved with such a pioneering and creative venture.” (CEO of L’Extase).

Throughout the day of the event, attendees were able to mingle with industry movers and shakers and aspiring creatives, and explore the new technically innovative spaces, whilst being entertained with musical vibes from a household DJ and served tasty delicacies, washed down with generous gulps of L’extase VSOP. One attendee commented saying;
“Today has been so much fun. I love what they are doing with this space, it’s going to be brilliant for creatives all round, but can we talk about the food and drink served today? I’m not usually a fan of cognac, it’s too harsh for me, but this drink isn’t like that. It goes down so well and I feel great.”

With the success of the brunch and the positive response to the beverage we can expect to see L’Extase VSOP aligning itself with more exciting projects in the future, further establishing itself as a brand to be taken seriously and a drink to remember..

Find out all about The Sound Bank on their website